Vionell Holdings Partnership is pleased to announce the launch of their new corporate website – This website is fully integrated into the software platform YARDI that the company recently upgraded to on March 1, 2016.

Users of the site will now be able to search available rental units in real time similar to the Multiple Listings Service that is maintained by the Canadian Real Estate Board. This feature will help customers select their suite by size, location and attribute.

The website was created by Leech Printing in Brandon and includes a more modern design and increased functionality from the company’s prior website.

Vionell Holdings is now working on a solution that will allow tenants to apply on-line that will give an instant notification of application approval, provided that all information is submitted accurately and completely using the online form. Another functionality will be allowing clients to pay their rent through e-transfer, rather than cash, cheque or debit.

For leasing details or other information please contact the Vionell Holdings Partnership office at (204) 726-1681.

Headquartered in Brandon, Manitoba, Vionell Holdings Partnership (VHP) has operations in Brandon and Thompson. VHP provides rental housing and property management for an array of residential and commercial customers, including Condominium Management. VHP currently has over 2,500 units under management in Manitoba.