Q. How do I arrange to see an apartment?

Online: The easiest way to schedule a showing is by booking an appointment online through our website! You will be able to see available timeslots so that you can choose the most convenient time that works with your schedule!

Email: You can also email us at info@vhproperties.ca

By Phone: Or give us a call at 204-726-1681!

Q. How do I apply for an apartment?

Online: Start by searching our available apartment listings. When you find an apartment that you’d like to apply to rent, click the “View Listing” button. This will take you to Rentcafe.com where you can submit a rental application for that particular apartment.

Paper Application: You can also download an application form here or request one by contacting our office! Once you have completed your application, you can drop it the mail slot on our office door or email it to info@vhproperties.ca.

Q. I have a maintenance concern in my unit. What should I do?
Via Email: Send an email to customerservice@vhproperties.ca with a description of your maintenance concern. Be sure to include your name, the property and unit number.

Online: Click here to submit a Work Order

Q. Are there pet-friendly units available? If yes, is there an extra deposit?

Pet-friendly suites are available at Fernwood Estates (cats only), Arbutus Place, The Groves, Mayfield Gardens as well as other great properties! We do require a pet deposit in addition to the security deposit which are each equal to ½ a months rent.

Q. What things do you consider when approving applications?
The application approval process involves:

  • Verification of income sources, a credit check to see what monthly payments the applicant has, as well as if there is a history of items being sent to collections. Once the income is verified and the monthly payments are subtracted from the income a calculation is done to determine the likelihood of the applicant being able to afford the apartment moving forward.
  • Rental references are also contacted to determine if rent was paid on time, if there were NSFs, as well as if there was any damage done to your prior residences.
Q. What if I am a student and do not have income to support the rent, but have student loans and support from family members while attending school?

We would accept a co-signer form to support the rental payments if you are a student or a young person entering the workforce with no rental history.

If you’re interested in learning more about the co-signer process, visit our co-signer information page!

Q. When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first business day of the month. Late fees will be applied after the third business day of the month in accordance with the residential tenancy guidelines.
Q. How do I pay rent?

Vionell Holdings Partnership can accept the following forms of payment:

  • Pre-authorized Withdrawal
  • Cheque or Money Order (mailed or delivered to our office)
  • E-transfer (email michelle@vhproperties.ca for the transfer email for your property)
  • Select properties are able to pay via Debit (Sheridan Apartments, Argyle Courts)

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, we are not accepting cash or debit payments at this time. 

Q. I am in a lease, can I sublet my unit if I chose to move?

A. Vionell Holdings Partnership does not allow tenants to sublet their units. You may assign your unit to a tenant subject to normal approval procedures. Please email the property manager for details on assignment requirements and fees: michelle@vhproperties.ca or visit our Assignment Process page.

How do I give my notice to vacate?

When you’re ready to provide your 30 days notice, simply email your property manager at Michelle@vhproperties.ca. Notices and move outs are accepted for the end of the month.