Forms and Documents

Below are links to PDF forms, documents and online forms that prospective and current tenants of our properties, or condo owners, may need or find useful.

Application for Tenancy

Apply to be a tenant of one of our properties.

Co-Signer Form

Designate a co-signer for your Application for Tenancy.

Pets — Schedule to Tenancy Agreement

For pet-friendly properties: Request permission to have a pet in your rental unit.

Request Tenant Ledger

Request a copy of your rent receipts for tax purposes.

Notice of Termination by Tenant

Provide notice of your intention to vacate your rental unit.

Request Status & Disclosure Documents

For the Sale of a Condominium 


Condo – Request Special Permission

Request special permission from your condo board or corporation.

Pre-Authorized Debit



Set up automatic withdrawal for rental payments.