Pet Policy

Pet Policy for Rental Properties

Several of our properties are pet-friendly! For a list of pet-friendly apartments, go to our Available Apartments page and click “pet-friendly” in the box where you are able to refine your search. Please note that some of our properties have restrictions on certain breeds, size and the number of pets allowed in one unit. This is to ensure that other tenants feel safe in their community, to help excessive noise caused by your pet, and to try to prevent damage to our units and our investors’ units that is often caused by specific breeds or multiple animals dwelling in an apartment. In addition to your security deposit, a pet deposit is required. The pet deposit is equal to half a months rent.

Tenants are required to clean up after their pets. Pets are not permitted to defecate on balconies or patio areas. Pets are required to be licensed with the City.


Pet Restrictions for VHP Properties
One cat or one dog is permitted in our pet-friendly units. The adult weight of your pet must not exceed 35lbs. Please note that some of our pet-friendly units only allow cats.

Crocus Gardens and The Summit Life Lease Community have different restrictions than what is indicated above. For these properties, please email