While participating in the festivities of Halloween is exciting, fun and downright delicious (who doesn’t nibble on candy in their bowl in between trick or treaters?), condo owners may need to refer to the rules and regulations set out by their condo corporation in regards to what they can and can’t do when it comes to putting up their spooktacular decorations.

Most condo corporations in Brandon, Manitoba restrict exterior signage, alterations and decorations. This could even include anything placed inside a front window that is still visual from the exterior. The price to pay for an infraction? Well, you could be looking at a fine of up to $100.00 issued from your condo corporation.

Not to worry! A lot of condo corporations are game for temporary decorations as long as they are tasteful, taken care of and they’re only up for a short period of time (why anyone would want to keep their talking ghost up until December is beyond me, but it happens!!).

Keep in mind that permanent changes to the exterior are almost always a no-no. This includes nails into your siding or stucco to fasten your “BEWARE” sign or hooks screwed into your soffit or fascia.

If you’re not certain as to what is and isn’t allowed in your particular condo corporation, it’s best to check with your board or property manager.


Article by Katie McMillan. Find her on LinkedIn here!