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October 18, 2017

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Property Tax Fairness


With recent discussions being raised relating to property tax fairness for condominium owners specific to the Province of Manitoba and the City of Brandon, we offer the following ideas:

  • Many condominium corporations and multifamily residential units (Apartments) are classified as medium or high density, perhaps there should be a different proportioning ratio for these types of developments that reduce the per unit infrastructure and maintenance costs to the cities and municipalities over time by providing a higher density per hectare compared to lower density units. Apartment building and life lease complexes are provided the same services (sometimes at reduced levels) as condominium corporations in comparison to single family homes.
  • Some condominium corporations are provided city garbage collection services, while others are not; the same is true for multifamily residential units. Perhaps garbage collection could be separated from city property taxes and treated more like a utility (similar to water).  If you have a private company picking up the garbage, you would not be required to pay the city for this service. (This would work for businesses too).
  • Businesses have 65% proportioning compared to 45% residential homes (single family, condo etc.), they also do not receive city garbage collection or have their private roadways cleared or maintained by the city.
  • In general property taxes are high in Brandon, we believe it is in the best interest of all residents for the City of Brandon to focus on providing core services at the lowest possible price (value for tax dollars); this will help all taxpayers including homeowners and businesses; rather than focusing on who pays what share of taxes.


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