Moving is stressful and most people who have ever had the exciting (and exhausting) opportunity to relocate know that during the moving process, you feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off. The key to a successful move is organized packing so we’re sharing our tips on how to pack like a pro!


  • Get prepared. Stock up on boxes, newspaper and bubble wrap. Boxes can be purchased at any hardware store for $1-$4 each (depending on size). BUT, the most cost-effective thing to do is to hit up local stores for their old boxes. Don’t subscribe to the paper? Throw a post up on your social media for a call-out on paper for packing – you’ll be stocked up in no time.


  • Pack according to room. The day my husband and I started packing up our first place and he threw a spatula in with some bath towels was a cringe-worthy moment. Open all your kitchen cabinets and drawers and begin packing items in relation to where you think you’ll put them in your new place. For example, if your cutlery and cooking utensils will share a drawer, put them all in the same box.


  • Pack smart. Label all your boxes, preferably on the side and the top. I like to get specific with my labelling such as “Storage room: rollerblades, hockey skates, helmet, knee pads”. This will help you know where items are so you can prioritize unpacking and determine where everything goes before you rip open the box.


  • Don’t get top-heavy. When packing your boxes, put heavy items on the bottom.


  • Start in the least used space of your house or apartment. Don’t immediately start packing up your kitchen or you’ll be digging through boxes for days. In advance, head into a room or space that you won’t be using such as a spare bedroom or the second bathroom. You can cross off these areas first and pack them in advance without feeling like your place is in disarray.


  • Leave the clothes on the hangers. This is by far one of the most time-saving hacks for packing. Don’t remove all your items from their hangers just to box them. Lay a clean sheet or blanket down in the truck of your vehicle, unhook all the clothes from the rod and lay them down in your vehicle still on the hangers.


  • Packing doesn’t have to be fancy. I used to pack my bedding and towels in boxes until I realized what a waste of valuable box real estate that was. I recommend grabbing a large garbage bag for linens. Sure, it doesn’t look classy, but it’s the most effective way to get all your bedding, towels and linens from point A to point B.


  • Call in the recruits. Who hasn’t received the sly message of “Hi! What are you doing Saturday?” Well, it’s time for payback. Call up your friends and family, the more the merrier and the faster you get all your possessions into your new space, the sooner you can get unpacked.


  • Keep your essentials easily accessible. Sometimes moving can take into the evening. You’re exhausted and ready to crash… keep your toiletries easily accessible in a separate box or suitcase. Other note-worthy essentials that you’ll want easy access to include toilet paper, hand soap, snacks and pet food.


Article written by Katie McMillan


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