VP of Operations

Email: katie@vhproperties.ca

Katie joined the Vionell Holdings team in March 2016. Her background in marketing, new home sales and property management made her a qualified candidate to manage the company’s expanding condo portfolio.

In early 2018, VHP was at a position where a marketing department was required to expand its success in the property management industry. Katie saw this opportunity as a new and exciting way to help encourage the growth of a company she was already dedicated to. She willingly accepted the role of Marketing Manager for Vionell Holdings, and was enthusiastic about implementing and carrying out a strong marketing strategy for the company.

Realizing that being influential in the industry is paramount to ensure growth for the company, along with her knowledge of Vionell Holdings made her an ideal candidate to move into her new role as VP of Operations. In this position, Katie is responsible for ensuring that the operations, goals, objectives and expectations for the company are met.

In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two very active children.