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Student Apartment Hunt

If the new or returning post-secondary student hasn’t already secured a place to live, they may find themselves scrambling to find an apartment for the upcoming school year.

Up In Smoke

The changed laws in regard to cannabis will definitely have an impact on rental properties and condo developments.

Property Protection

Tenants insurance means more than just protecting the loss of your personal items; there are three key components that makeup tenant’s insurance as a whole.

A New Approach to Affordable Housing

The question that many developers and investors are left wondering is: could funding be made available for profit companies to allow a portion of their units to be designated as affordable housing units instead of centralizing all the units within one community/building?

What do Residential Property Management Companies do?

One of the biggest factors to consider is overall management. Who will manage the property and be responsible for all the day-to-day tasks of ensuring that the property doesn’t have many vacancies, meets standards and codes, as well as meets the needs of the tenants?

Is Brandon ready for micro-apartments?

Locally, we don’t have a lot of options that would fall into this same category, especially when trying to meet affordable housing rental rates. The question is if we did have scaled back living arrangements with shared facilities would this be a popular choice?

Micro-apartments Revisited

From the feedback that we received (which was very much appreciated), readers suggested that smaller apartments would indeed be welcome, however, most suggested that they should have one private bathroom and some commented that they would only be interested if the units had private laundry facilities.

Should I Stay…Or Should I Go?

However, there is a flip side and it is often best to weigh all the pros and cons of moving back home versus staying in the city. Even though you might be looking forward to free Internet and your mother doing your laundry for you, it often comes down to dollars and cents (and what truly makes sense!).

Pet Restrictions in Condo and Rental Units

For tenants on the opposite end of each spectrum, there is good news for all. Most of the complexes managed by Vionell Holdings have designated pet-friendly units. This means that the pet lovers can live in harmony beside other pet lovers; and for those who do not care to be around animals, particularly if they have allergies, they can steer clear of the pet-friendly units.

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