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Landlords are making a fortune. Or are they?

If you own property, the assumption is that you’re making a good living off the rent or leases of the property that you own. Without considering all the factors of what determines rental rates, it is easy to jump to such a conclusion.

When Snowbirds Fly the Coop

Even though maintenance of exterior services continues to coast on autopilot while you’re down south (for the condo owner, not for the hustling property manager!), there are several things that condo owners must be aware of before packing the golf clubs, crocs, and sunscreen and leaving behind the cold Manitoba winter.

Boomer Housing Options

Regardless of what is driving your decision to sell your home or downsize, you may also be torn on which housing option is the right choice for you at this particular stage in your life. Three options to consider are condominiums, life-lease properties, or rentals.

Times They Are a-Changin’!

Time is precious, people. Technology is literally handing us all sorts of tools and features to save time and make it easier and safer to find an apartment!

New Rental Property in Portage la Prairie

While decisions on how and where to invest in housing properties often involve number crunching, there are many other considerations that come into play. Although Vionell Holdings is based in Brandon, there are many reasons as to why this family-owned property management firm is excited to enter the market in Portage la Prairie.

Trick, Treat or Fine

Most condo corporations in Brandon, Manitoba restrict exterior signage, alterations and decorations. This could even include anything placed inside a front window that is still visual from the exterior.

9 Questions To Ask Your Property Manager Before It’s Too Late

Moving can be stressful, overwhelming and definitely exhausting. It’s often difficult to remember all the things that you have to do, never mind trying to gather all the information that you need as a new renter. Be proactive and have a list of questions ready to ask.

Student Apartment Hunt

If the new or returning post-secondary student hasn’t already secured a place to live, they may find themselves scrambling to find an apartment for the upcoming school year.

Up In Smoke

The changed laws in regard to cannabis will definitely have an impact on rental properties and condo developments.

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